Foto Mohd Janis Sdn Bhd.

15022017: Penggambaran program ‘Kerjakan Dia’ untuk siaran Astro Ria di Mohd Janis Sdn Bhd.

Foto Mohd Janis Sdn Bhd.

JOM Saksikan program KERJAKAN DIA di Astro Ria dan Ria HD pada Khamis, 16/3/2017 jam 9.30 malam. Penggambaran program telah diadakan di Kompleks Mohd Janis Sdn Bhd dan sekitar Kampung Parit Kassan.

Minggu ni dalam #kerjakandia hos @dahliashazwan akan bersama dengan @shentyfeliziana untuk pekerjaan terbaru mereka sebagai pemungut buah kelapa sawit. Best episod kali ini sebab kedua si manis ni nampaknya bekerja keras nak kumpul buah kelapa sawit tau! Khamis ini, 9.30 malam Astro Ria dan Ria HD.

Tekan link untuk lihat video> #KERJAKAN DIA ASTRO RIA PETIK SAWIT

Jom tonton program #KerjakanDia di Astro Ria malam ini 23/3/2017 jam 9.30 malam bersama hos Dahlia Shazwan. Penggambaran dibuat di kandang lembu Mohd Janis Sdn Bhd di Kampung Parit Kassan, Bukit Gambir.

Tekan link untuk lihat video> #KERJAKAN DIA ASTRO RIA KANDANG LEMBU






Mohd Janis has over 81ha of oil palm plantation.

There is wealth in the oil palm industry.Pictures by Shahrul M.Zain

By Zuhaila Sedek-De Booij |  zuhaila@nst.com.my

Mohd Janis Abu Bakar seized the opportunity in his kampung when others decided to leave for the big cities, writes Zuhaila Sedek-De Booij

At 15, most boys are busy playing, acting silly or falling in love for the first time. But not Mohd Janis Abu Bakar. At that age, he had to quit school and sell rubber scraps in his kampung in Johor, to help support his family.

Today at 56, his hard work has paid off. Not only is he a success story in the oil palm business, with a plantation that spreads over more than 81ha but he is also building a hotel in Bukit Gambir, Johor. If everything goes well, the hotel will be opened next year.

For any businessman, building a hotel is definitely one of the ultimate achievements.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to want to disclose much about his latest endeavour. When asked what the hotel would be called, Mohd Janis looks a bit embarrassed, laughs and says: “Oh no, I’m not sure yet. But I’ve saved enough money for it. The hotel will occupy three shop lots and is currently under construction.”

In his hometown, Kampung Parit Kassan, in Tangkak, Mohd Janis is fondly known as Haji Janis, an exemplary individual who, despite not having an impressive academic background, has climbed to the pinnacle of success through sheer determination and hard work.


Mohd Janis has nine siblings. His mother was a rubber tapper and his father, a construction worker. They didn’t earn much. Wanting to lighten his parents’ load, Mohd Janis took a leap of faith and left school. Even at that time, he knew it was the right decision.

Clad in a white shirt, a pair of slacks and a white kopiah (headwear for Muslim men), Mohd Janis recalls his younger days when he rode around on a bicycle, selling rubber scraps. It was tough for a young person to shoulder such a huge responsibility but he was very motivated. He wanted to make money and be “somebody”.

“I was so pumped up to make it big on my own. I worked really hard selling rubber and I started saving money. I wanted to start my own big business,” says Mohd Janis who became an agent (a middle-man) for rubber.
After two years, he had saved enough to buy a motorcycle. “It was just a simple 70cc bike. I needed it to move around so that I could expand my business,” he says.

“My capital was only RM4. But I doubled the sum afterwards,” he adds.

After obtaining a licence which allowed him to sell rubber directly, he opened his own rubber trading shop. With the funds from his rubber business, Mohd Janis started buying and selling oil palm fruit.

He saved much of the profits. “I didn’t want to squander the cash. I always believe in rolling money to make more money,” he explains.

The rubber and oil palm business improved his family’s welfare gradually. He also had a food stall run by his mother. Profit from the stall went towards his siblings who were still in school. Thanks to Mohd Janis, all his siblings completed their studies up to secondary school.

“I woke up at 5am every morning. After morning prayers, I would go to the wet market to buy ingredients for the food stall. At 7.30am, I’d sell oil palm fruit and rubber. That was my routine every day,” says Mohd Janis.
His hard work slowly bore fruit. At 18, he was able to buy 1.2ha of land in his village and planted oil palm trees.

“The land price back then was much cheaper compared to today,” says Mohd Janis who was awarded a licence as an oil palm planter from the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB).

Thanks to MPOB’s Tunas (advising agency for oil palm planters), Mohd Janis was exposed to the dos and don’ts of running an oil palm plantation. That helped him ensure he reaped quality oil palm fruit which, in turn, helped to generate a large customer base.


Luck seemed to be on his side. At 26, Mohd Janis became a millionaire. “My habit of saving is the key. Maybe this comes from my difficult life during my childhood,” says Mohd Janis. He is extremely proud of the fact that he was wise enough to save his profits. As a result, he was able to finance new businesses without loans.

Other than his meticulous saving habit, he credits his success to his desire to remain in the kampung.

“Most boys would leave the village in search of something better in the city. But I stayed because I could see potential in the agricultural business. I grabbed the opportunity that people left for me and made something out of it. Agriculture can really generate money, if you do it right,” he adds.

Another secret to his success is planning. “I count my blessings every day for having achieved all that I planned,” he says.

The father of six didn’t just rest on his laurels. In 1984, he bought a small lorry, which was used to bolster his distribution network. The acquisition enabled him to sell to big companies, one of which was the Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Authority which produced palm oil. Today, Mohd Janis owns several trailers and numerous heavy machinery.

In 1993, he established his eponymous company — Mohd Janis Sdn Bhd. With a larger business operation, he turned to his village for manpower, creating job opportunities for his community.

Along the way, Mohd Janis bought more land in Ledang and Tangkak for his oil palm plantation. Later, he started other businesses such as a dairy farm, sundry shops as well as real estate.

But oil palm still provides the most revenue for him. Mohd Janis says his company currently generates sales of about 9,000 tonnes of oil palm fruit per month.


Thanks to Mohd Janis’ entrepreneurial skills, his family is enjoying the results of his success. Four of his six children are working for him. The two younger ones are still in school.

“I’m so thankful that the boys listened to me and decided to work in the kampung for their dad. They all live near me,” he says.

Each of his children is assigned different roles and responsibilities. His second son, Mohd Anuar feels blessed to be able to work for his father.

“My brothers and I were exposed to the business from young. After SPM, we decided to work for dad,” says the 30-year-old.

His father’s sheer determination and drive are a source of inspiration for Mohd Anuar. He says: “My dad reminds all of us to always seek advice from old timers in the business. He believes that for a young businessman to triumph, he has to learn from an experienced businessman.”

For Mohd Anuar and his siblings, working with their father is easy, as long as they listen to him. “We’ve never asked for higher pay or anything. Our dad has given us everything. From a house and car to monthly salary … everything is taken care of. We are so blessed. We can never ask for more,” he says.

He and his brother will discuss business with their father after dinner.

“If there’s anything to discuss, we will send messages to one another using WhatsApp and then gather at my parents’ place. My dad also uses WhatsApp these days. He is adapting well to our ways and we adapt to his ways too,” says Mohd Anuar, who hopes that one day his father will take a back seat and enjoy his retirement.

“Sometimes it hurts me to see how hard he works when he should be relaxing with my mum,” says Mohd Anuar.

Initially, Mohd Janis had planned to retire last year. But due to unforeseen circumstances, he has decided to continue for another five years.

“When that time comes for dad to slow down, we will look after the business using the knowledge he has taught us,” says Mohd Anuar.

Talking to him, I can sense how united the family is.

“We will all do our part. It doesn’t matter how many hours we work. What’s important is to keep our dad’s legacy going. He has worked so hard for it,” says the father-of-two.

Mohd Anuar and his siblings have no regrets for not pursuing tertiary education. But they are hoping their two younger siblings will.

“It’ll be nice to have someone from the family setting foot in a university,” says Mohd Anuar.



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This machine are being develop by a team of expert lead by “Tuan Haji Razak Jelani (Principle research officer biology section) MPOB and being given the direct licensing to Fancy Power Sdn Bhd.

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By using the Cantas™ application into the estate it would generally;

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Headline: Mula secara kecil-kecilan

Publication: BH
Date of publication: Mar 2, 2013
Section heading: Berita Sawit
Page number: 009
Byline / Author: Oleh Razman

Seluas 32 hektar tanah miliknya ditanam sawit, 16 ekar lagi dengan tanaman getah sementara 8 ekar diusahakan sebagai tapak semaian sawit oleh pekebun kecil ini di samping belian buah tandan segar (BTS) purata bulanan sebanyak 7,000 tan.

Mohd Janis Abu Bakar, 55, turut mengusahakan integrasi tanaman pisang, keladi dan ubi kayu, ternakan lembu dan belian getah dengan hasil bulanan mencecah 150 tan bagi menambah pendapatan.

Beliau menetap di Kg Parit Kassan, Ledang, Johor, bersama isteri, Tuminah Hasan Muali, 53. Sesuatu yang menarik pada pasangan ini ialah mereka berkongsi tarikh lahir iaitu 16 Mei dan hasil perkongsian hidup dikurniakan enam cahaya mata yang berusia antara 12 hingga 32 tahun.

Ketika berkongsi kejayaan beliau melalui industri sawit dan pertanian yang diusahakan sejak tahun 1980, Mohd Janis bermula dengan bertindak sebagai pemungut BTS dan menjadi pekebun serta menjual kepada peraih menggunakan motosikal trailer dengan hasil jualan satu tan sehari.

Jadi ejen PPK

Rentetan dari itu, beliau membeli sebuah lori satu tan pada tahun 1984 dan menjadi orang tengah atau ejen kepada Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan (PPK) dan Koperasi RISDA untuk aktiviti jual beli buah tandan segar.

Selepas itu, beliau mula membeli kebun getah seluas tiga ekar dengan harga RM16,000 pada tahun 1984. Pada tahun 1990, kebun getah berkenaan ditebang dan ditanam dengan tanaman sawit.

Melihat kepada peluang dan ruang yang ada, pada tahun 1990 beliau mula memohon lesen peraih BTS daripada PORLA (sekarang MPOB) dengan aktiviti bermula di kawasan kediamannya dan berkembang dengan menyewa tapak yang lebih luas pada tahun 1995 sebelum membeli tapak perniagaan yang sedia ada kini pada tahun 2000.

Sejajar usaha gigihnya, beliau kini mempunyai sembilan trailer dan 29 lori serta 99 pekerja tempatan untuk membantu aktiviti dan operasi perusahaan sawit dan pertanian yang dijalankan. Perniagaan beliau yang berkembang ini juga turut memberi manfaat dan membuka peluang pekerjaan terhadap penduduk setempat.

Pokok sawit yang dimiliki kini berumur dari 2 tahun hingga 22 tahun. Sebelum itu tanah berkenaan ditanam pokok getah yang ditebang dan dibersihkan sendiri bersama arwah bapanya secara manual dengan menebang, menebas dan membakar.

Menurut Mohd Janis, kebanyakan kebun yang ditebang untuk ditanam dengan sawit bermula sekitar tahun 1998. Anak benih sawit yang ditanam di ladang adalah sumber dari Guthrie (kini Sime Darby) melalui peringkat umur 10-12 bulan dengan kepadatan tanaman 148 pokok sehektar iaitu dengan jarak 8.8m x 8.8m x 8.8m segi tiga sama.

Kawalan serangga perosak

Pada peringkat awal tanaman sawit, beliau mengawal perosak kumbang badak dengan menggunakan racun Furadan pada kadar 15g/pokok dengan pusingan dua kali sebulan.

Bagi kawalan rumpai pula, racun jenis sentuh (Basta) digunakan pada tanaman sawit kurang dari lima tahun secara bulatan dan rumpai jenis lembut dibiarkan tumbuh secara terkawal untuk mengawal kelembapan tanah dan hakisan.

Kaedah penyemburan terpilih untuk kawalan rumpai jenis anak kayu dan kawalan rumpai secara bulatan dengan menggunakan racun jenis serap (Ecomax) bagi kawasan sawit matang.

Aktiviti meracun dijalankan tiga kali setahun serta bergantung pada tahap pertumbuhan rumpai. Penyelenggaraan kebun dijalankan mengikut jadual ditetapkan. Beliau menggunakan baja sebatian MPOB F1, MPOB F4 dan organik dengan kadar 10kg/pokok/tahun dengan empat pusingan setahun dengan jenis baja bergilir-gilir.

Pemangkasan sawit dibuat dua kali setahun bagi menjamin tanaman sawit mempunyai bilangan pelepah yang mencukupi dan kelembapan kawasan yang baik.

Selain itu, bagi mencapai pendapatan yang baik, beliau hanya menuai BTS yang masak mengikut prosedur ditetapkan MPOB dengan pusingan menuai 12 hari sekali.

BTS yang dituai dikumpul di pusat timbang untuk proses penggredan sebelum dihantar ke kilang dalam tempoh kurang dari 24 jam. Oleh itu, kadar perahan minyak (OER) yang diterima dari kilang adalah tinggi.

Hasil memberangsangkan

Hasil BTS yang direkodkan pada tahun 2011 ialah 36.05 tan sehektar setahun.

Selain itu, beliau juga menggunakan sepenuhnya tanah tanaman sawit belum matang dengan integrasi tanaman pisang, keladi dan ubi kayu serta ternakan lembu yang berjumlah 700 ekor dengan purata sembelihan serta jualan setiap bulan sebanyak 100 ekor.

Beliau berkata, selain daripada berusaha dan yakin pada diri sendiri, beliau juga banyak mendapat tunjuk ajar daripada agensi Kerajaan seperti MPOB, RISDA, Jabatan Pertanian, Jabatan Veterinar dan FAMA untuk mengusahakan tanaman sawit, getah dan aktiviti pertanian yang diceburi sekarang.

Khidmat sosial

Antara khidmat sosial untuk masyarakat setempat dan jawatan yang disandang beliau pada tahun 2012 adalah Ahli Jawatankuasa (AJK) UMNO Bahagian Ledang; Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Persatuan Kontraktor dan Usahawan Ledang; Timbalan Pengerusi Kg Parit Kassan; Pengerusi PIBG Sekolah Kebangsaan Parit Kassan; Timbalan Pengerusi Sekolah Agama Parit Kassan dan AJK Persatuan Peniaga Sawit Malaysia.

Beliau yang kini Pengerusi Peniaga Sawit Daerah Ledang dan Timbalan Pengerusi Peniaga Sawit Negeri Johor menerima Anugerah Pekebun Kecil Terbaik (Sawit dan Getah) daripada RISDA pada tahun 2008. Anugerah lain diterima ialah Anugerah Kecemerlangan Peniaga Buah sebanyak empat kali iaitu pada tahun 1996, 2007, 2010 dan 2011.